WashU is dedicated to supporting our graduate and professional students’ entire well-being. The following resources are designed with student wellness in mind. Additionally, The Graduate Center partners with several of these offices throughout the year to provide programming that enriches the academic experience.

University Ombuds

The University Ombuds provides a safe, confidential space for graduate and professional students to discuss academic and other university concerns.

Title IX and Gender Equity

The Gender Equity and Title IX Compliance Office is committed to responding to discrimination – including sexual harassment and sexual violence – in an effective, timely and transparent manner, where students are supported, treated fairly and respectfully, and given the appropriate tools to navigate the Title IX process.

Habif Health and Wellness Center

Habif Health and Wellness Center serves all students on the Danforth Campus, including graduate and professional students. Their website is a portal into their many offerings, including wellness programming, doctors visits, immunization policies, and much more.

WashU School of Medicine Student Health Services

Students enrolled on the medical campus can access care and other wellness resources through the School of Medicine Student Health Services.

Free Menstrual Products

There are several bathrooms providing free menstrual products throughout the Danforth Campus. Click on the button to view a map of participating buildings.