The University-wide Graduate Student Groups listed below are open to graduate and professional students across all schools, and provide cultural, academic, and social programming. For more information, visit the Graduate Center’s WUGO page, select the “Organizations” tab, and choose “Graduate Center” from the “Categories” drop-down menu.

Don’t see the group you’re looking for? Learn how to create your own! The Graduate Center can provide guidance on how to organize a new student organization, and what resources are available for student organizations. Visit the Graduate Group Guide for information on starting a university-wide group.

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Umang: The Indian Graduate Student Association

The purpose of Umang is to provide a forum for closer interaction among graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and others of Indian origin at Washington University.

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WashU Graduate Nature Trippers

WashU Graduate Nature Trippers is a group for outdoor enthusiasts at the graduate and professional schools at WashU.

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WUSTL Ballroom

WUSTL Ballroom The purpose of this organization is to promote and encourage the art of ballroom dancing at Washington University in St. Louis.